Sunday, March 18, 2007



Unknown © Artist said...

By the way how do you make those cartoons? By pc? (I really like them... good style... great jokes.. :D) Keep on going like this Pepe!

Pepe said...

Uhm, its a bit complicated Maud.... I have this drawing tablet, an electronic device that looks like a mouse pad connected to the usb port and a wireless pen (battery operated) and a software that will display drawing, painting, spray painting, pencil sketching,text and almost all types of tools and color tonings with adjustable points for diff, sizes of outlines and drawings.... Then i have another tablet that still connected to usb but you can write or draw on it directly on the surface like a white board without looking at pc screen to see what youre doing.... Just like drawing on your notebook at school.... Then when your drawing is ready you just have to press save with your finger and it will save the drawings to a file in your pc straight away.... Its very handy.... Maybe its also available in your country, just have a look in the shops.... 8D